About Indianapolis CPA Firm

Since 1968, our mission has always been to provide client-oriented, accurate service at a reasonable cost.  When it comes to tax and accounting services for both individuals and businesses we are here to serve and simplify accounting for you.

Culture – Indianapolis Accounting Firm

Our firm is not a typical accounting firm. The world often sees accountants as quiet, boring, and stuffy numbers-driven people. While we do love our numbers, our staff loves people and client interaction just as much. We like to have fun and get to know our clients on a personal level, but we also like to have fun and get to know one another. Sometimes that looks like snapping a picture of Pete asleep at his desk after a long day of work, and other times that looks like supporting our team members in the various fundraising efforts they are a part of outside the office.

Unlike many larger firms, where partners may not even remember the names of some first year accountants, here at MKR, we all know each other on a personal level both inside and outside the office. While we all have a shared passion for numbers inside the office, outside of our work hours, we each have different activities and passions, and we enjoy championing one another in those. “Personal” and “tight-knit” are words we like to use about not just our staff relationships, but our client relationships as well.

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