Summer is the perfect time to get your QuickBooks cleaned up. MKR provides hands-on training and consultation services for QuickBooks during this time of year. It is our pleasure to conduct an on-site visit to assist with any questions or concerns you have in working with your QuickBooks file(s).

We provide consultation by using our accountants’ tools. These tools can help reconcile bank accounts, troubleshoot payroll and bank imports, correct accounts receivable and accounts payable, and update inventory. We provide full-service training if you are new to the QuickBooks software, or partial-service training if you have been using QuickBooks but need assistance with just one area.

Our training is customized to your needs and your business. We walk through what you need from your QuickBooks and customize the best way for you to achieve those goals with your software. With QuickBooks products constantly changing, we are here to keep you updated on the modifications for your software. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the assistance we provide, so that come tax time you are ready. Please do not hesitate to call!

We have three certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. Learn more about what they can do.

Amanda O'Brien